German Federal Information Security Office (BSI), which examined 300 Blockchain projects, gave passes to 8 cryptocurrencies and Blockchain projects.

In a study published by Germany’s Federal Information Security Office (BSI), VeChain received approval from among 300 projects available for smart supply chain management. As part of the market analysis, the study aimed to evaluate the security of the 300 block chain.

The study also examined the application areas of the projects. There were 4 criteria for evaluations:

Block chain must be suitable for the market
Number of security-related events
Fitness for purpose
In this way, BSI had the chance to see the vision of each blockchain examined.

Approval to 8 blockchain projects

8 of the 300 Blockchain projects under investigation were approved. Besides VeChain (VET), Eos (EOS), OriginTrail (TRAC), Siacoin (SIA) and Corda were among the approved chains. The research stated that if there is no other candidate, Corda can be used to develop health-related practices. On the other hand, EOS received approval for both its $ 3 billion capitalization and its role in the construction of decentralized applications. This allowed EOS’s reputation to increase significantly in the market. The crypto wallet, Exodus, was also passed to BitBox with Trust Wallet.

The research comments on VeChain that its technology is similar to Ethereum and offers viable applications:

‚ÄúVeChain blockchain will store information about specific products. Unlike OriginTrail, VeChain has a much higher market value and is supported by many large companies. With the work of VeChain and OriginTrail, the “Supply Chain Management” application area is discussed. ”

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Report; VeChain examined the open source code of EOS and Corda and used automated analysis tools such as static code analysis and manually checked the security-related components of the code.

According to the news of CNF; VeChain, which has achieved many important partnerships, has signed serious collaborations. In a seminar on the web, DNV GL, one of these partners, introduced the technology of the block chain and how the business in the seas can be maintained smoothly. This meeting was organized by Chinese authorities and Norwegian representatives in Shanghai.

In addition, VeChain and DNV GL also partnered with the Italian brand ICAB La Fiammante to record all information about the Italian tomato supply chain in a pilot project using the VeChainThor block chain.

VeChain also partnered with drug giant Bayer to develop a Blockchain-based platform called Csecure. The platform will be used to improve drug delivery management in clinical trials. The project also aims to increase the data transparency, traceability and effectiveness of the trials.


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