While Apple is working on a foldable phone, the company will launch a foldable 8-inch iPhone 13 phone in 2023.


As you may remember, we mentioned in the news we made in the past weeks that Samsung will produce a foldable smartphone screen for three big technology giants. We mentioned that these giants are Apple, Xiaomi and OPPO. The news we made later also stated that the number of foldable phones will increase in the coming years and we shared with you that technology companies have started to invest in this field. Undoubtedly, one of the most ambitious names in the foldable smartphone market will be Apple. Disappointing with the iPhone 12 Mini, the company can reach millions in a short time with its new phone. Apple iPhone 13 is coming. So when?

In many previous news, we stated that Apple iPhone13 will be released in 2023. The information leaked to the Internet indicates that the iPhone 13 will not appear in the near future, and the company was in the internet world where this technology could be released in 2023 at the earliest. We have followed these developments moment by moment and shared them with you. Again, the information pointing to 2023 took its place on the internet.

8-inch foldable Apple iPhone 13 to be released in 2023

We continue to closely follow the developments in the depths of the Internet. Again, in many foreign-based sources, it was stated that Apple’s new iPhone will appear in 2023. In addition, it is stated that the device will have a gigantic 8-inch structure, and this phone will be the closest competitor of the Galaxy Z Fold. In the previous news, we shared with you that the foldable iPhone will also have Apple Pencil support. This claim continues to be valid now. We will continue to follow the developments closely and share them with you in the upcoming period.


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