Netflix content has been changing, including some Japanese series and some non-original ones.

Some of these series are:

1.- Good morning call

Nao moves into her apartment, but a classmate shows up saying that he is her real tenant. It will not be easy to implement the agreement they reach.


The series begins when Mayuko, a recent graduate, enters to work as an apprentice in a company that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of lingerie. As soon as she starts working, she will discover a new and unusual world in which she must learn to adapt.

3.-Terrace House

It is a Japanese reality show on Fuji TV and Netflix, in which six young people live together in the same house for several weeks, with the aim of discovering what happens when a group of strangers start to live together and what kind of relationships arise between them.

4.-Million yen women

Five beautiful and mysterious women go to live with Shin, an unsuccessful novelist who takes care of the house in exchange for a considerable sum of money.

5.-The ugly duckling that took to the skies

Ayumi is excited because the boy she likes has asked her to leave her. However, a red moon is shining over the city and Zenko’s plan is nearing completion.

6.-The many faces of ito

A jaded thirty-year-old writer of romantic comedies pretends to advise four women in love to take advantage of her stories.

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7.-My husband won’t fit

Kumiko and Kenichi meet at university and end up happily married. But over time, a rare problem threatens to destroy their relationship.

8.-Love and fortune (Luck in love)

Fed up with her relationship with her boyfriend, thirty-year-old Wako can’t stop thinking about a high school student named Yumeaki, despite the age difference.


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