Many platforms in the most reliable e-commerce website class have increased their profit rates thanks to the Corona virus. Some e-commerce sites are unfortunately dealing with digital attacks. Indonesia’s largest e-commerce site, Tokopedia, is trying to secure 91 million users.

Tokopedia wants to be among the most reliable e-commerce sites
The Indonesian e-commerce site, powered by SoftBank Group Corp’s Vision Fund and Alibaba, is battling a hacker’s intense attacks. The company’s CEO, William Tanuwijaya, has yet to make a statement on this matter.

Tokopedia, the largest e-commerce website of its home country, has received an investment of 2 billion dollars by investors of Alibaba with SoftBank Group Corp’s Vision Fund. Tanuwijaya stated that his site has more than 90 million active users.

The statement made by the Tokopedia administration said that an attack attempt was detected. Launching an investigation into allegations that the crime of data stealing is committed, the successful platform trusts its own encryption system.

Stating that he is continuing to research on this subject for now, Tokopedia stated that he cannot share any additional information for this initiative and the claims about the initiative. A Twitter account called “Under the Breach”, which is famous for its sharing of data breaches, has also addressed this issue.

Sharing a hacker who said that 15 million Tokopedia users got their information 1 month ago, is followed by this account. “Under the Breach” made a post indicating that the attacker had entered Tokopedia’s database.

The shared image contains users’ email address, name, surname and other private information. In addition, the hacker, whose name has not yet been identified, claims to have a much larger user database.

Seeking help from other users to crack the users ‘password, the attacker placed an advertisement to sell 91 million users’ information for $ 5,000. Customers of this platform are waiting for a statement from William Tanuwijaya.


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