A 6-year-old made a $ 16,000 in-game purchase on Sega’s Sonic Forces game on iPad. Just to have more character.

Technology is getting more and more involved in our lives day by day. One of the clearest examples of this is taking care of children. Parents have recently been using smart devices such as phones and tablets to keep their children entertained and spent time. Even if it seems logical to keep children entertained with YouTube and various games, it also brings risks.

In-app purchases danger

One of these risks is in-app purchases. Stores such as the App Store and Play Store store your credit / debit card information once you shop, for convenience in subsequent purchases. If this situation is not taken care of, it can lead to a complete disaster with phones given to young children. Young children can make loads of purchases from various games without even realizing what is happening. In the incident that was the subject of the news, unfortunately, a 6-year-old boy made a purchase of almost $ 20,000 from his mother’s card.

He spent 16 thousand dollars from his mother’s card

A similar situation happened to Jessica Johnson. When looking at the account movements, the mother, who saw 16 thousand dollars spending, was shocked. The mother, who initially thought she was defrauded, later discovered that her 6-year-old son made this expense with in-game purchases called Sonic Forces on the iPad. The little boy named George spent between $ 1.99 and $ 99.99 on add-ons that provide in-game benefits and allow him to buy new characters. When Jessica found out about the situation, she contacted the App Store, but received a reply from Apple that there was nothing to do because they were not contacted within 60 days. Unfortunately, the family had to accept the situation.

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Families attention

If you have a small child and you do not want to see that you spend thousands of lira on a game that you have not even heard of on your credit card bill, it would be useful to take precautions. Otherwise, you may find yourself in Jessica’s place. Stay tuned for developments …

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