Alistair Milne, the CIO of the Altana Digital Monetary Fund, announced this morning that the wallet, which has its own control on Twitter and which contains 1 Bitcoin (BTC), was hacked by hackers. In fact, Milne asked hackers to steal Bitcoin to find out if this wallet would be hacked with a puzzle she had previously launched on Twitter.

When creating a crypto wallet, mixed words are given by the ecosystem, consisting of 12,18,24 words, called seed words, to prove ownership of your assets. Similarly, Milne announced that she had a 12-word series in her hand and said that she would give hints about these words from time to time.

Based on the clues given by Milne hackers, 44 hours after the eighth clue was published, the Bitcoin wallet was seized by hackers. The main purpose of Milne doing this was not only to have fun with a cleverly crafted puzzle, but to prove that if hackers solve half of the seed words, you can lose all your assets.

According to some scenarios, it will take many years to find these words correctly, without knowing any of the reminder words, but every hint that Milne published in this scenario has shortened the time required for all words to appear.

He also noted the high transaction fee of 0.01, which was paid for 1 BTC after the Bitcoin wallet was captured, said Milne, who took over the account, acted quickly to behave before another hacker and thus paid a high transaction fee.


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