Earning millions of dollars in revenue every year with different technological products, Apple also holds millions of users with its iPhone series. The iPhone, which gives its users the best experience with various updates, will appear with brand new models in 2021. As it is known, Apple introduces completely different iPhones every year.



As every year, different features and innovations await users this year. While official sources have not made any statements or leaks about new phones yet, technology enthusiasts have started to make predictions in the depths of the internet. As a result of our research, we came across some posts about new features from some segments.

As is known, the smartphone market is quite large. Dozens of different companies enthusiastically promote their advanced technological innovations and sell them all over the world. At this point, a feature that highlights Apple’s iPhone model comes into play.


What Innovation Will The 2021 Model iPhone Come Out With?

While official sources have not yet verified this feature, the iPhones that will be released in 2021 are also expected to be in-screen fingerprint scanners.
What Features Does Apple Work On For iPhone?
In addition to the in-screen finger reader, it is among the incoming information that Apple is currently working on foldable screens.
Knowing that millions of people wear masks due to the corona virus, Apple will offer an in-screen fingerprint scanner as an alternative to Face ID on new iPhones. Users will not have to remove their masks and scan their faces in this way. They will be able to open their smartphones with their fingerprints.

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