We want this Christmas to be special for you and for K-pop to be with you even on these very special and important dates, so whether you have barely met your idols this year, or have been with them for a long time, celebrate in their company with their best Christmas hits or Christmas covers 😀

This time the member of the kpop group A.C.E WOW, made an incredible cover of a hit by the famous singer Michael Buble with the Christmas song titled Santa Baby. Where his voice makes a great harmony with the original song.

So we can add this song to our Christmas playlist to listen to this 24 and 25. Write us in the comments what you think about the cover that WOW made of A.C.E.

Tell us in the comments from which country you read us, what are the traditions in your country during these important dates and how you are celebrating this Christmas day. Also, you can share with us more K-pop songs that we could listen to at this important celebration.


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