China-based company Tianshu Zhixin launched the first domestic 7nm GPGPU chip under the name Big Island (BI).

China-based Shanghai Tianshu Zhixin Semiconductor Co. announced that they have launched the country’s first domestic 7nm GPGPU chip called Big Island (BI). In this sense, the country has made a breakthrough in cutting-edge 7nm computing chips that can rival the products of global industry leaders such as US NVIDIA and AMD.

Note that GPGPU is an abbreviation for General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit. This unit typically refers to a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that can perform non-specialized computations in addition to the traditional computational purpose for computer graphics, such as computations processed by the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Additionally GPGPU; An overall faster, high-performance processor that combines CPU and GPU processing power. These chips not only have parallel processing capabilities, but can also have high memory bandwidth. As such, they can be used to power everything from databases to high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, says the launch of BI is a major step forward in the design and development of China’s GPU chips, and the technology is expected to break the dominance of foreign companies. So we can say that a message is being sent to NVIDIA and AMD, which have been dominating this field for a long time.

Tianshu Zhixin will be the first Chinese supplier of GPGPU chips and HPC system. The company shares that the BI chip “can complete AI processing of hundreds of camera video channels per second, and the performance is twice the mainstream products on the market.” Let’s note that citizens are constantly observed with the abundance of cameras in the country.

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Development of the 7nm GPGPU chip started in 2018. The company says it will soon begin mass production and commercial delivery of the product one to two years before its domestic competitors.

Until now, Chinese companies are still far behind in the field of artificial intelligence chips represented by GPGPU chips. On the other hand, it is underlined that this is a core technology that Shanghai has increased its upbringing efforts.


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