The promotional film of AR glasses, which is prepared to be released by South Korean technology giant Samsung in the coming period, reveals the remarkable features of the devices.

The launch date is still long, but the introduction film of augmented reality glasses called Samsung AR Glasses and Glasses Lite has already leaked. According to insiders, the company is not only actively developing an original product, but also preparing for its presentation.

The release date is not yet determined
The accessory presented in the video allows you to see three-dimensional digital objects in augmented reality. As seen in the commercial, the device can also be used as a large virtual monitor with the ability to watch movies, use it in video chat, or work on a computer without a traditional display. Additionally, the video shows the sunglasses mode.

In addition, with these refined reality glasses, users will be able to easily control their drones. Attention was drawn to the interaction of Samsung Glasses Lite with a smart watch. Given the complexity of the technology, namely processor and battery requirements, it may take several years before such AR glasses become widespread as a commercial device.


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