Miners, who first finish their graphics cards to mine cryptocurrency, are consuming gamer’s laptops this time. The images shared from the farm set up with laptops were aching for the players.

While players cannot find cards, miners continue to easily get the card they want. Moreover, gaming laptops are also targeted by miners.

In the images shared by a cryptocurrency farm company in China, models entirely belonging to a player laptop manufacturer were included. Hundreds of RTX Amp notebooks, some of which are in operation and waiting to be installed, directed the attention to Nvidia and its business partners.

Miners do not have stock shortages
The fact that all of the laptops sold to the farm belonging to BTCer belong to Hasee, showing that Nvidia does not encounter any obstacles when selling the products of its business partner to miners in bulk, rather than to players, which is the main target.

Let’s recall how the GPU giant hid the features of the RTX 3000 family from the hardware world. The fact that miners have such easy access to Nvidia’s cards and even gaming laptops with mobile GPUs, which set strict rules for distributors, retailers and even review teams before any solution is offered for sale, raises serious questions in mind.


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