If you want a Mac, you can only go to one manufacturer: Apple. The Cupertino company has defended this philosophy for years, but that does not prevent users from creating their Hackintosh, their own macOS-compatible clones.

A company called Psystar tried to do business with those computers years ago, but ended up bankrupt after Apple’s lawsuit. Now a dark and suspicious company called OpenCore Computer has put up its own Hackintosh for sale, which they have called ‘Velociraptor’, and now it remains to be seen how long it is until Apple —which does not mess with little girls in this type of scenario— reaction to.

Smells like fraud here

Apple has always followed a different model than Microsoft when it comes to marketing its operating system. Except for one curious exception, only Apple desktops and laptops could be sold with macOS. Although Apple licensed Mac OS 7 25 years ago to several manufacturers in one of the worst crises in its history, that experiment ended with the return of Steve Jobs.

Since then the guideline has been clear: if you want to use macOS legitimately, you have to buy a Mac. There are ways to use the operating system informally thanks to the Hackintosh world, but now a company has wanted to take advantage of these projects to make cash .

This is OpenCore Computer, which has taken the name of the OpenCore Bootloader project without permission, which precisely gives users the option to set up their own Hackintosh computers.

That is an Open Source project whose managers, from the Acidanthera group, have complained about how this company that emerged from nowhere has wanted to take advantage of its good name. “We are a small group of fans of the Apple ecosystem,” they explained, and they make that software “voluntarily and non-commercially.” In addition, they warn of how that company is made up of “people whom we do not know and who dare to use the name and logo of our bootloader, Open Core, as a way of promoting certain types of criminal and illicit fraud.”

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Those responsible for OpenCore Computer have announced the availability of the “OCC Velociraptor”, a team that according to its creators wants to offer benefits similar to those of the Mac Pro in more affordable equipment.

It sells them with dual boot with macOS Catalina and Windows 10, and in the hardware configuration we can choose processors with up to 16 cores, up to 64 GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon VII graphics card. The price starts at $ 2,199, and in OCC they promise that the equipment “works like a normal Apple Mac”.

The data on OpenCore Computer has really dark and suspicious overtones: to buy any of these devices, it is necessary to pay in bitcoins, and at no time is clear information offered that allows you to contact or locate the company.

Apple does not seem to have reacted yet, but the proposal of this company seems to be doomed as soon as it was born: if the case of Psystar taught us anything in 2012, it is how Apple spends it when someone threatens its philosophy and business model.


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