Apple, which is among the most valuable companies in the world with its products, makes you lament with market value. The US company, which can earn $ 352.05 with a single share, increases its revenues despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Apple broke new ground with market value

Witnessing a 3.16 percent increase in stock prices yesterday, Apple achieved a growth of about 3 percent today. These successive increases have increased the market value of the technology giant to a level never seen before.

Apple has made history as the first US company with a market value of $ 1.53 trillion, according to information. The technology company, which has experienced a decline in the number of stocks in recent years, has regained some of its shares.

The buy-back process increases the value of the remaining shares in the market. Thanks to this transaction, since the number of shares in the market decreased, the value of the ownership shares of the stakeholders increased.

Apple, which managed to reach the highest share price of all time last January, lost some value due to the Corona virus. As can be remembered, Appleā€™s shares dropped 35 percent at the end of March.

So “How much is Apple’s market value?” The answer to the question has also changed. Starting a new adventure with the iPhone 11 family, Apple will host the WWDC event on June 22, 2020.


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