BOE AMOLED News: Not a day goes by that we don’t come across a new detail in the world of technology. Flexible sliding BOE AMOLED display appeared.


While the world is waiting for foldable phones, a new screen has emerged. As you know, the giants of the world will use two screens in their new phones. More than 5 million foldable phones are expected to be released this year. The phone models, which come up with different screen features, continue to be eagerly awaited. Samsung, which will revolutionize screens, is working hard to take on the Chinese manufacturer BOE. Today, the BOE brand came up with a new AMOLED display.

As you know, we mentioned that giants such as Apple and Huawei have shaken hands with the Chinese display manufacturer in the past months. We underlined that the Chinese giant will produce foldable iPhone screens for Apple and we mentioned that an important agreement has been made in this area.

BOE Displayed With Flexible Sliding AMOLED Display

At the ongoing 2021 International Screen Technology Conference in Beijing, briefly ICDT 2021, such a screen appeared that the ground moved. The Chinese display manufacturer has officially announced the full mass production of its new generation glass-based Mini LEDs. In addition, the company introduced a number of cutting-edge display products, including the world’s first AMOLED flexible sliding display. The company, which also showed the AMOLED flexible sliding screen in the fair area, stated that the screen moves by sliding it in and out. In addition to the new display, the Chinese company also introduced a new mini vehicle head-up display product.


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