LG, which maintains its silence in the smartphone market, will envy its competitors with a brand new development. LG, which was previously on the agenda with various leaks, confirmed that it was working on the foldable phone and mentioned that the work continues. With the information received today, it has been more or less clear how the new phone will appear. LG patented the folding phone. It is preparing to make a name for itself with its new phone model.



While Apple is currently working on the foldable iPhone, a related attack came from LG. The company, which showed its determination in this matter by obtaining a new patent, fell like a bomb on the agenda. While the technology world continues to expect an unusual phone model, the first information about the phones has surfaced.


LG Curl Phone Features

The phone, which is expected to appear with a secondary screen, will be a beauty monument with its thin design. The South Korean technology company will try to win the appreciation of its users with the rotatable display. The phone, which will present a larger structure with its screen that can be extended from the front, will increase the size by approximately 40% with its secondary screen.

While it is among the information that there will be no buttons on the device, it is estimated that there will not be a camera on the front. The new phone is expected to be a lifesaver as the company’s latest Velvet and Wing sales are crawling on the ground. In other words, if LG cannot succeed with the new phone model, it can put up the mobile section for sale. Various claims have been on the internet for a long time.


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