Tom Sadowski, the number one name of the App Store exclusive to Germany, Switzerland and Austria between 2014 and 2019, wrote a book. The book, written about the App Store, was greeted with great anger by Apple.

US-based technology giant Apple has been in our lives for a long time. The company is seriously popular around the world, and many users are almost amazed by the products developed by Apple. However, this level of popularity and admiration does not mean that Apple is truly a transparent company and every transaction done within the company is correct. As a result, there are some ‘dark’ secrets in Apple as well as in other companies.

Tom Sadowski is a former Apple employee. Sadowski, which has an important place for the company, was the number one name of the App Store dedicated to Germany, Austria and Switzerland between 2014 and 2019. Sadowski has now written a book on Apple. The book, written in German, was greeted with serious dissatisfaction by Apple. Apple does not even want this book to be published and meet book lovers.

The name of the book in question is “App Store Confidential” and it looks like there is no problem for Apple when looking at both the front and back cover of the book. The author says that in the note he fell on the back cover of the book, he prepared a friendly presentation about Apple. Making a serious reference to Apple, the author states that there is no company secret in the book.

The App Store Confidential book mentions the app store “App Store” that Apple launched in 2008. The App Store only had 500 apps when it was released. But in the next 10 years, he grew so much that he managed to sell twice as fast as Mc Donalds alone. So what was the mystery behind this success? Sadowski was telling them in his book.

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In some sections of the book, Apple’s list of recommendations and don’ts for developers are mentioned. In addition, the author touches on Apple’s marketing partnership and tells why this partnership ended before it even started. Sadowski also clarifies some issues about what was discussed in secret talks with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple does not want this book to be read. The company, which also wrote a letter to the publisher organization of the book, states that the printed books should be collected and destroyed. Making a statement to important media outlets, Apple says no company will want its business practices to be shared with the public. It is not known why Apple was so aggressive about the book.


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