Actress Zoë Kravitz did not feel completely at ease with Robert Pattinson during her audition for The Batman.

After Robert Pattinson’s impressive physical preparation for his role in The Batman, it’s Zoë Kravitz’s turn to share a behind the scenes look at Matt Reeves’ film. Indeed, interviewed by Josh Horowitz for the podcast Happy Sad Confused, the actress shared a rather funny memory of her audition with her teammate Robert Pattinson. And for good reason, the star said that she felt for a brief moment “silly” in front of her colleague disguised as a Dark Knight. “I just remember feeling really silly,” she said. Before explaining why: “He was only in half the costume because it was just a camera test and I kept saying to myself:” We are adults and yet we are dressed as Batman “.

The actress then added: “In addition we made a really dramatic scene. Sometimes it happened and sometimes it was really funny. You don’t really get used to seeing Batman pass in front of you because we all grew up with this character . It’s like pinching yourself in a dream and it’s wonderful, really wonderful. ” A sweet dream that seems to have seduced the actress. Moreover, still on the subject of Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz then concluded his interview by bringing to the skies the stage performance of the latter: “When he wears this costume, he is really Batman and it is interesting. He is absolutely the right man for this role. The script too is phenomenal. ” Enough to put the mouth water of DC fans fascinated by the universe of the vigilante of Gotham! In the meantime, also discover this detail in the adaptation of Matt Reeves which annoys the fans.


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