Dogecoin managed to rise to the $ 0.45 level with the organized group influence on the Elon Musk and Reddit platform.

With this rise, it attracted attention in the crypto market and was placed in the top 5 in the coin ranking with the highest market value in the crypto market. However, at the time of the article publication, it fell to the 8th place in the highest market value ranking according to CoinMarketCap data, and DOGE is trading at $ 0.26.

The WallStreetBets group, which came to the fore with the GameStop event on Reddit, played an important role with Elon Musk in the rise of Dogecoin.

Twitter user named “The Chairman”, known as the group president, shared a post saying that April 20 will be DOGE day.

The group named “Dogeday” on April 20 and said “this will be the best day of the year” for DOGE.

The head of the group created excitement for DOGE investors by saying “Doge likes to bark” and “Doge also likes to fly” in the sentences he set up.

In addition, an incident was experienced by the same group during the action against Gamestop shares, and many investors who took the stock from the top were victims.

We will closely follow this move they have started with Dogecoin and inform you, our valuable readers, about the developments.

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