Term Bitcoin investors suffered a large amount of losses due to the drop in the weekend.

Bitcoin price, which started falling against the market on Sunday, lost 1500 dollars in a short time like 15 minutes. Bitcoin, which fell to $ 8200 that day, is currently in the range of 8 thousand 600-8 thousand 700 dollars.

Although the market has partially stabilized in the past few hours, investors have suffered a huge loss due to this drop. According to the data compiled by CryptoDiffer, a total of $ 1.2 billion position was liquidated within 24 hours on May 10.

As can be seen in the table above, 30% of these liquidations came from Huobi. Then, we see that the position of 284 million dollars in BitMEX was liquidated and BitMEX thus constitutes 23% of the loss. In addition, especially OKEx and Binance also liquidated the nearly $ 300 million position.

These numbers, of course, do not mean that investors lost $ 1.2 billion. As these were leveraged positions, investors probably suffered much less than $ 1 billion. Also, have investors closed these liquidated positions completely or are they thinking about returning to the market? However, despite all this, it is possible to say that the fall on the market hit a heavy blow on investors.


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