The brand makes a draw through Amazon, and buying one of their mobiles you can take one of their laptops.

Introduced a month ago, the Moto G Pro is one of the most recent terminals of the Chinese brand Lenovo, and also the first of them to implement a stylus like those of the Samsung Galaxy Note range that allows taking notes to draw, make captures screen, paste texts and use it with other functions and mobile apps.

In addition, the G Pro stands out for other elements such as its 6.4-inch FHD + screen with the micro-perforated front camera, or its 48MP rear quad camera. Along with a Snapdragon 665 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128B of internal memory with a 4,000 mAh battery and Android 10 base. All for 329 euros, a mid-range price for a mobile with Premium elements and functions.

Moto G Pro and Lenovo

But browsing through Amazon we have found a draw from Lenovo itself that consists of that if you buy a Moto G Pro mobile through the e-commerce platform, you can participate in the draw for a Lenovo S145-15AST laptop with a screen of 15.6 inches.

So if you were thinking of changing your mobile and you like this model, if you buy it on Amazon -it must be listed as’ sold and shipped by Amazon’-, you can also choose to change your laptop.

To sign up for the promo, you just have to fill out this online form and paste the code that Amazon sends you by email for the draw after the purchase, enter the IMEI of your new mobile and your personal data. The promo ends on July 15 and the winner will be announced the next day.


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