There is a new and mysterious mining pool that controls 5% of Bitcoin’s total hash rate.

According to data, a mining pool named currently controls more than 5% of the total hash rate on the network. The interesting thing is that this mining pool has not been ranked so far.

We were already used to seeing names like F2Pool, Poolin, Antpool in the mining pool ranking. But who exactly this new mining pool belongs to and how it works is not known.

Until Today Unknown
According to the predictions of Dovey Wan, this mining pool, which has not been seen in the ranking until today, has not been newly established. The reason we just heard of Lubian’s name was because this pool was not open to the public until now.

Also, if this mining pool was newly established and the hash rate of 6.32 EH / s suddenly entered the sector, the hash rate of other mining pools would either decrease or the total hash rate of Bitcoin would start to increase. But this is not the case.

As such, the fact that this mining pool was opened to the public not yesterday, before the day, tomorrow or a month later, is of great interest. While some crypto followers are speculating about who this pool might belong to, there seems to be no clear information about the functioning of this pool yet.


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