Android 12, which appeared with emoji designs yesterday, has now caught our radar with its automatic application translation feature.


The Android 12 operating system, which is expected to appear by the end of the year, is highly anticipated. Today, the countdown has begun for the operating system, which can be used on many phones as beta. The operating system, which is highly anticipated by millions of users, will bring many innovations to the system, which will make a difference to iOS. The operating system, which will completely change smartphones, has been the subject of our news today with a new feature. The operating system will bring automatic application translation feature for Pixel phone models.

The countdown continues for the operating system, which was the subject of our news with emojis yesterday. The news we made yesterday shared the designs of the emojis with you and we saw that they were the center of attention. Now a new feature has been caught on our radar.

Android 12 Will Bring Automatic App Translation Feature

According to the information we have obtained, the new operating system will introduce the automatic application translation feature for Pixel phone models. If we talk a little more about the details of the new feature, let’s explain it as follows. With the new operating system, Google will automatically translate an application we have installed on our phone into our native language. For example, you have installed an application called X on your device. Whatever the language of your device is, the language of that application will be translated into that language. Thanks to this, users will be able to download and use the application regardless of the language of the application.


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