OnePlus 9 Pro News; The rollout of camera-focused updates for the OnePlus 9 Pro continues. A new one also came to OnePlus 9 Pro, which we are using.


OnePlus, which appeared in partnership with Hasselblad in the camera unit in the OnePlus 9 series, has taken the camera to its target in many updates it has released for the series so far. A new one has been added to these. A new update distribution has started for OnePlus 9 Pro in many parts of the world.

The update, which users can download via OTA (over the air), is 155 MB. If you wish, you can query and download the update that provides stability in the system and network connection, especially the camera, from the Settings menu. It should be noted that the same update has also been released for OnePlus 9 in many markets. Let’s take a look at the developments included in the update.


What Does the OnePlus 9 Pro Update Bring?


  • Enhanced charging experience
  • Optimized power consumption
  • Fixed known issues and improved stability


  • Improved the hidden working logic of the top bar of the camera
  • Optimized the noise reduction and sharpening effect of the rear camera
  • Improved focusing experience and brightness stability in indoor scenes
  • Improved the accuracy of the auto white balance of the rear camera


  • Improved network performance

On the other hand, OnePlus has already announced the Android 12 beta program for its two new phones. The beta program, which was stopped due to some problems in the first place, seems to have started again according to the latest developments. If you are using one of the OnePlus 9 series phones, you can get a chance to test the Android 12 update before anyone else. But let’s make the following reminder: The new version is still in its infancy and you may encounter some issues affecting daily usage.


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