OnePlus, which occupies a very important position in the smartphone market, has made a name for itself with its giant screen flagships. The famous brand, which offers brand new technologies to its users every year, has started to take important steps in the field of smart watches. He even confirmed that he received a new certificate. OnePlus Watch will soon be on the market.



As you may remember, there have been various rumors for a long time that OnePlus will release a smartwatch. Although these rumors were mocked for OnePlus at first, these rumors were later confirmed. In August 2020, Singapore emerged where OnePlus was working on a smartwatch with model number W301GB. Then, in October, it was first leaked that the smart watch will be released with a circular dial. It was also confirmed by OnePlus that the smart watch will be released in October 2020. In the same month, it was shared that the smart watch was delayed.

When we came to November 2020, we were informed that this smart watch has Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition themed straps. In December 2020, Pete Lau, the CEO and co-founder of OnePlus, announced that the smartwatch would become official in early 2021.

Today, we have gained new information about the OnePlus Watch with various leaks. OnePlus Watch will also have a Healt, or Health application. With this feature, users will be able to find out how many steps they have taken. In addition, the company is expected to offer two different watches, a square dial and a circular dial. However, it is also among the information that the structure of these watches looks like new versions of OPPO Watch and OPPO Watch RX.

While the variant named OnePlus Watch is expected to arrive with model number W301GB, OnePlus has now been announced to receive BIS certification for another smartwatch with model number W501GB. This second watch could be the OnePlus Watch RX with a circular dial.


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