Battlefield 5, the online war game developed by Electronic Arts, is gaining another cosmetic character with the new update. A new one is added to the cosmetic looks, which can be purchased for a fee, with an update. With the update coming to the game on May 12, we will meet with the character of Steve Fisher, which can be purchased as a cosmetic appearance.

New Battlefield 5 character: Steve Fisher
The new elite soldier to be added to the game, like other characters, can be purchased at the store by paying a fee. It was announced that we will see the character in the game with an update coming on Monday, May 12. Other details will be shared by the game after the new soldier is added to the game.

“The best way to find your courage is to join the conflict”

The hobbies of the American character to be added to the game stand out as war and cinema. Steve is interested in cinema when he is not busy dropping enemy aircraft. This character is fighting against the enemy on the front, ignoring his life. Let’s take a look at Steve’s details together.

Group: Allied Special Melee Weapon: Knuckle Duster Birthplace: San Francisco, USA Attributes: Patriotic, strange, carefree
In addition to shared information about Steve Fisher, a short promotional video for the character was also released. You can watch the video below. The character will be added to our game with the update number 6.6, which will be released on May 12.


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