Technical analyst Mert Bozkurt evaluated the technical outlook for leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP for Uzmancoin.

Bitcoin: BTC / USD

Our graph, which moves within the formation of the Rising Takoz formation together with the mismatch in our indicators in the daily, continues its movement in the Al├žalan Takoz formation on the hour. If there is a downward movement, there is a harmonic BAT Pattern formation close to our daily support. This level can work as our strong Support level. For those who are trading in the direction of sales, this level should be the level of take profit, and for those who are considering buying, it may be a level to be used in the direction of purchase.

Support levels: 9250 and 9000
Resistance levels: 9500 and 9640

Ethereum: ETH / USD

Our graph, which moves within the Bayrak Formation in the 4 hour period, is in the formation of TOBO Formation on the hour. As the neck line breaks and closes, the rise may last up to 243, the target of the formation will be around 250 but the resistance level of Bayrak formation will be forced within 4 hours. If the decline continues, Harmonic BAT Pattern can complete its formation. Completion level of BAT Pattern The pressure in the direction of purchase may occur at this level very close to the Support level of our Bayrak formation in the 4 hour time period.

Support levels: 230, 225 and 220
Resistance levels: 236, 243 and 245

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Litecoin: LTC / USD

In our graph, which continues its movement within the Ending Channel formation in the 4-hour timeframe, after the double-peak formation formed in the 15-minute timeframe at the peak of the formation, sales can be traded in the direction of 2618. first target level of 43.50 can be expected and then 42.80 level. If the upper breakdown of the Ending Channel formation occurs, new peaks should be expected.

Support levels: 43.50 and 42.80
Resistance levels: 44.40 and 45.20

Ripple: XRP / USD

In our graph moving in the 4-hour timeframe within the formation of the Descending Triangle formation, there is the formation of Libra formation in the hourly chart in an area close to the support level. If our price action decreases to this level, it should be included in the transaction in this direction. The same region has also established a strong level of support.

Support levels: 0.18900 and 0.18570
Resistance levels: 0.19600 and 0.20100


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