Microsoft Office 365, which contains many functional applications, will have a more reliable structure from now on. Because Microsoft Office 365 e-mail settings have been changed. So how will the new system protect users?

Solid application for Microsoft Office 365 email settings!
The US-based software company has worked on two e-mail scandals that occurred in January of last year and in March of this year. As you may remember, the “Reply All” feature affected more than 52 thousand employees at the same time.

This feature, which obstructs a company’s internal communication system for hours, will no longer work as before. The old system, which also tired the servers of Office 365, crashed the server of Microsoft and companies.

Such problems experienced in the past when the number of recipients in the e-mail chain is high and multiple employees use the “Reply All” feature at the same time, will be eliminated with the restriction system. The new system will be distributed this week.

The e-mail software will no longer work if the number of people included in more than 10 “Reply All” series in the last 60 minutes is more than 5000. This will prevent thousands of emails from being sent at the same time.


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