The companies behind IOHK, the Cardano Foundation and Cardano, the world’s first third-generation blockchain, EMURGO, will take place on July 2 and 3 to celebrate the launch of Shelley, which represents an important step in the development of the blockchain network and will make the platform fully decentralized. announces the event Cardano Virtual Summit – Shelley Edition.

The companies will hold the virtual summit to deepen the platform’s rapidly evolving functionality following the announcement of Shelley’s last timeline, as well as the future use of technology; announcements for other exciting global projects that are ongoing and under development will be made. At the same time, Vint Cerf, one of the legendary ‘internet fathers’, will attend an unmissable panel where he focuses on what to do differently if he had time to redesign the internet, and will make evaluations about the widespread adoption of the internet every year in the intervening years.

Along with other influential speakers to be announced in the coming weeks, top decision makers will attend panels to discuss IOHK’s efforts to empower people around the world.

IOHK, the leader in Blockchain’s academic study and the largest research resource in this regard, is the refereed scientific research supporting Cardano and Proof of Stake (PoS), a type of algorithm that aims to reach distributed consensus by a revolutionary cryptocurrency blockchain network used by Cardano. It will discuss the formation of Ouroboros. At this point, the PoS algorithm stands out as the functionality required to solve some of the world’s biggest problems in a safe and scaled way.

EMURGO, the investment arm that works to strengthen the Cardano ecosystem with investments in commercial enterprises, will take part in sessions focusing on the comprehensive applications of Blockchain for global companies and governments. Discussions will also focus on the future of Cardano, led by the completely independent and non-profit Cardano Foundation, with the responsibility to oversee the long-term development of Cardano and its ecosystem. Experts and industry experts will also discuss key issues in blockchain regulations such as interoperability and the future of cryptocurrencies.

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The bblockchain industry finds new and creative ways to stay connected and informed in the middle of the global pandemic. Cardano Virtual Summit will use the latest conference technology to bring together blockchain and tech experts and enthusiasts from all over the world for a series of engaging live streams, as well as exclusive IOHK, Cardano and EMURGO announcements over the two-day period.

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson said about the summit:

“The virtual summit is a turning point in the development of Carhano, as we begin to open Shelley, we bring decentralization and staking to blockchain with delegates.”

The introduction of Shelley brings along a promise of a decentralized blockchain that is a hundred times decentralized than Bitcoin, and represents another step towards the complete delivery of a decentralized, autonomous blockchain with class-leading scalability and interoperability.

With the unique capabilities of the system, already proven during extensive testing involving thousands of registered stakepools, this summit promises to offer the world’s most advanced pile proof based block chain.

Cardano Foundation President Nathan Kaiser said:

“Joining the community is the heart of Cardano, and this summit gives us the opportunity to showcase the new talent that Shelley will put on the market and share our latest achievements as an ecosystem. We also hope to update them in other equally important work. ”

EMURGO CEO Ken Kodama said:

“As one of the founding organizations of Cardano, we are excited to see the beginning of the decentralized phase of Cardano Blockchain. We can’t wait to share the blockchain community during isolation, decentralization and what the Cardano community is, and the details of our work to support and develop the Cardano ecosystem at the next summit. ”


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