The popular dating app Tinder has started testing a new feature for talks. While it is quite difficult for people to meet each other face to face during the pandemic period, the application wants to prevent this from causing a problem. Tinder video call is currently under testing. Tinder will provide video calls.

Testing Tinder video call feature

The app paired people who wanted to make friends and provided communication. People were communicating through correspondence. Afterwards, it was enough to set a date and place to meet. However, with COVID-19, this is no longer a reasonable option. Tinder also did not ignore this problem.

Tinder video calling feature will be practical and easily experienced by users. The Tinder video call, which the application calls ‘Face to Face’, can be used in situations where the two parties match. Also, users will have to accept some conditions before the call. In this conditions; will be to prevent nudity, harassment, hate speech, violence and similar situations. In this way, it is thought that there will be no problem in terms of age restrictions.

Tinder explained that this feature was determined by users whether it was requested by the survey conducted last month or not. It was said that the survey was conducted on a group of 5,000 people in the USA and that more than half of these people preferred this feature.

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