Social media giant Instagram will improve its blocking options. According to the leaked information, the company started testing an advanced blocking method.

Instagram recently announced that it will delete the accounts of users who insult private messages. The company will now also prevent the future accounts created by the blocked user.

Definitive solution to prevention
The social media platform will now provide the opportunity to block not only a specific user account, but also any profile that this person will create in the future. Obviously, it is possible to say that such a blocking method will be very useful and probably will be used quite often. This leak was uncovered on Twitter by the nickname @ alex193a.

Currently it appears that this option can be implemented as simply as possible (apparently, in the beta version of the app). Instagram will offer two options when blocking a user: blocking a specific account or banning all future accounts of the user with a profile. However, at this point, there is no information on how Instagram will follow the new accounts of the blocked user. It is said that this can be determined with data from Facebook or WhatsApp.


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