While Google continues to work on the latest version of the Android operating system, the leaks that have arisen reveal new information about Android 12.

While Google has not yet announced a new version of the mobile operating system, the leaks reveal a variety of information about the upcoming revision of the “green robot”. According to another insider report, the company will continue to name its operating system by the names of dessert or candy.

According to the information published on the XDA-Developers portal, the operating mode called “one-handed use” appeared in the tests of Android 12. Its implementation consists in sliding the screen to the lower corner and scaling it up to 40% of the full size. This will allow the owner of the device to get the desired icons if the other hand is busy. Similar solutions were previously offered by Apple in One UI interface software for iOS and Samsung.

Snow Cone will be named
There are two ways to activate the function: by gesture or by using the three button navigation bar. It is remarkable that the innovation is seen in the open source version (AOSP) of the operating system. Probably all smartphone manufacturers with Google software will be able to use this feature.

In addition, the leaked information has revealed the “sweet” name to be given to Android 12. According to the source, the unofficial name of the new mobile operating system is Snow Cone. This is a dessert made from grated ice and flavored sugar syrup and served in paper cones. The release date of the new version of Android 12 has not yet been announced by the developers.


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