A new trailer has been released from WandaVision, one of Marvel’s first series for Disney +. The series is getting ready to meet with the audience on January 15th.

As you know, Marvel aims to expand its universe a little more and increase the variety with the series that will be broadcast on Disney +. A new trailer has also been released from WandaVision, the first Marvel series to be aired on Disney +.

In the new trailer released, we mostly see scenes that were not seen before. When we looked at the difference between the first trailer released and the last trailer, the style of the series became a little more pronounced. It is now obvious, especially, that they are in a universe that Wanda created himself.

It is a big wonder whether there will be a connection with the House of M comic book series, one of the most important comic book series in the Marvel universe, or will there be a direction towards that side. You can watch the published trailer below.

The first season of the WandaVision series will start on January 15, 2021 and will consist of 6 episodes. It is expected to be published weekly without any interruption.



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