Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier announced some new information about the Naughty Dog, which developed special breeds for PlayStation. You can find the details in our news.

New information has emerged about Naughty Dog, one of the most important developers of PlayStation, perhaps one of the most important.

The Last of Us Remake in Development for PS5
First of all, the remake version of the first game The Last of Us, which was released in 2013 and became one of the most important games in the game world, was announced. The Last of Us Remake will debut for PlayStation 5. This remake version has started to be developed in an otherwise unannounced San Diego studio, but the studio has disbanded and the game is now back in Naughty Dog’s possession. Naughty Dog’s first plan was to remake Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, but the project was abandoned.

Days Gone 2 Canceled
Days Gone’s sequel, which was one of the most important games of the platform during the PlayStation 4 period and was announced for PC in recent months, was canceled. Although the first game made a profit and received positive reviews, the second game that Bend Studio had presented to Sony was canceled. Many key figures left the studio, including John Garvin, one of the game’s authors. One of Bend Studio’s two current teams is helping with the development of a multiplayer game. Most likely the online mode of The Las of Us, which was previously announced.

Uncharted’s New Game In Development
Bend Studio’s second team was working on Naughty Dog’s new Uncharted game, but the studio insisted on developing their own projects because the studio was completely afraid of being a sub-team of Naughty Dog and left the Uncharted project. There is no information about the fate of Uncharted, but development will continue.

The team that wanted to make their own project started working on a new game. Unfortunately, there is no information about the game.

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