The 10th season of The Walking Dead, which has been going on for many years but still has a special audience, will appear before the audience with six extra episodes.

A new video from these 6 episodes has been released.

A new video of the new episodes of The Walking Dead, one of the most popular productions of the zombie theme and creating its own universe, was shared.

In the short video released in the past hours, it seems that some hints of the possible showdown between Maggie’s character returning to the series and Negan. As those who watched the series will know, since Negan killed Glenn, many viewers have been waiting for Maggie to take her revenge.

These transition episodes, which will begin on February 28, will consist of 6 episodes. It will make the end of season 10 and season 11 better connect. You can watch the mentioned video below.

The final season of the series, the 11th season, will also be released later this year. All episodes of the series that have been aired so far are available on Netflix. These extra 6 episodes will come to Netflix shortly after they are released.


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