When Bradford Gauthier fell asleep listening to a song with his AirPods in his bed at night, he swallowed one of the headphones.

Bradford Gauthier, who lives in Worcester in the US state of Massachusetts, had to learn painfully that wearing AirPods while sleeping entailed the risks. After a few hours of snow removal on Monday night, Gauthier started listening to songs with his AirPods while he was lying down. Gauthier then fell asleep, and when he got up in the morning, he noticed that he was sleeping with AirPods in his ear, but only one was absent. The truth was later discovered.

Stating that he felt pain in the middle of his chest after getting up in the morning, Bradford Gauthier thought it was a simple contraction at first and did not care much about the pain. The unfortunate user said that this discomfort continued when he went outside to shovel snow a few hours later, “I tried to drink a glass of water when I got in, but I couldn’t.” He explains the difficulty he faced.

Bradford Gauthier then went to the emergency room to take an X-ray and learn surprisingly the source of his chest pain. The truth emerges when the doctor says in an X-ray that he has “something like a headset” attached to the esophagus. Gauthier, who seemed to swallow the AirPods that came out of his ear during sleep at night, was immediately performed an endoscopy operation, and the earphone was simply removed from there.

Gauthier said he felt “really lucky” as the surprise barrier did not lead to situations where it was not more serious. In an interview with a TV channel, he made his way home, saying that he wondered if the AirPods were still working.


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