In an incident in the US last year, Nijeer Parks, who was arrested due to a mistake in the facial recognition system, despite not having any crime, is suing the police department.

Nijeer Parks, who lives in New Jersey, was arrested last year for stealing from a gift shop and then hitting a police car while escaping. As Parks did not have a car and license at the time, he thought he was going to the police department to explain the mistake, but when he entered the police station on February 5, 2019, he was arrested before he could clear his name. Parks, who was in prison for 10 days, was arrested when a facial recognition system detected him instead of the actual culprit.

Faulty face recognition detection
Although Niger Parks said that he was not where the incident took place at that time and that he was about 50 km away, he could not prevent his arrest. After being imprisoned for 10 days, Parks was later freed when he proved his innocence. Stating that he has suffered many material and moral losses, Parks is suing the police department for false arrest, false imprisonment and violation of civil rights.

Nathan Freed Wessler, senior personnel lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, said in a statement that many people were unfairly arrested because of this flawed and infringing surveillance technology. Wessler: “There are probably many more false interrogations, arrests, and even convictions because of this technology that we still do not know. Not surprisingly, all three false arrests we know belong to black men, further demonstrating how this technology disproportionately harms the black community. The use of recognition technology by law enforcement should be stopped immediately. ” made statements.

While facial recognition systems are growing in the US every day, they have a bad track record of misidentifying black people. Mistakes made by the facial recognition system have always victimized black people. Parks’ attorney also claims that the software used to identify his client is illegal.

It is not known which face recognition system is causing false face recognition. Hoan Ton-That, founder of Clearview AI, the most widely used facial recognition system in the US, told the New York Times that the agencies analyzing the photo were not using his company’s controversial software at the time. Earlier this year, the New Jersey attorney general ordered the state police to stop using the Clearview AI app, but some authorities interpreted this as a wrong decision.


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