The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, working with Oxford University to develop a vaccine against coronavirus, has announced that they have started the production of a coronavirus vaccine, which is undergoing tests.

While coronavirus continues to be effective all over the world, scientists and pharmaceutical companies continue to work to develop a vaccine against coronavirus. Pharmaceutical companies continue to work very quickly to be the first company to find the vaccine for prestige and commercial success.

While coronavirus vaccine studies continue at many different companies and science institutions, the UK-based pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced that they have started the production of coronavirus vaccine, which they developed together with scientists from Oxford University.

Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, announced that they started production even though the vaccines they developed were not finished and their success was not proven. Soriot said that if they do not start production so early, they will not be able to respond to demand when the vaccine is successful. CEO of AstraZeneca added that their vaccine production capacities can produce up to 2 billion doses.

The production of the vaccine has started before all the testing stages have ended, posing a great risk for AstraZeneca. Saying that they want to be as fast as they can be, Soriot said that if the vaccine does not work, all the vaccines they produce will be rubbish and the company will seriously harm it.

The pharmaceutical company, which is trying to find a permanent solution against coronavirus infecting about 6.7 million people all over the world, wants to get ahead of its competitors by offering vaccines as early as possible to the huge “market”. However, it is not possible to say which pharmaceutical company will carry out the test processes correctly and be successful.


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