Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who wrote the script for A Quiet Place, reunite with Sam Raimi, who they collaborated in the 50 States of Fright series for the sci-fi movie they’re going to write and direct.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, screenwriters of 2018 A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski, wrote a script that kept the audience on their toes and gradually increased the tension dose as the story progressed. The duo, which made a horror movie called Haunt last year, was among the screenwriters of the 50 States of Fright, recently created by master director Sam Raimi.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who also sat on the director’s chair for a part of the series, started preparations for a new movie they will write and direct after 50 States of Fright. According to Variety, the duo reunites with Sam Raimi for this sci-fi movie.

Sam Raimi to Produce the Sci-Fi Movie Directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods
Details about the subject of this movie, which Sony bought the rights of, are kept confidential for now. Based on an original idea by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, this movie will combine sci-fi and horror genres. Sam Raimi, who has been producing horror films such as The Possession, Poltergeist, Don’t Breathe, Evil Dead re-cycle, Crawl, will be the producer of this film.

Explaining that they felt a responsibility to produce original ecosystem-related stories after A Quiet Place, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods praised Sam Raimi, saying, “Sam Raimi is not only our hero, but also making independent films and blockbuster studio films. one of the master directors. We couldn’t have imagined a better mentor than him to help us with the transition to big studio filmmaking. ” found in the description.

You can follow new developments about this movie, which is curious with its production team, its cast, name and vision date are not clear yet.


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