Scientists have developed an experimental ring that can generate energy by takingadvantage of body temperature and even repair itself when damaged.

It is thought that the new structure can produce up to 5 volts of energy.

The systems that are called thermoelectric systems and that generate electricity by using heat energy constitute an area that has been studied for many years. The aforementioned area is being studied on a large scale, from the smallest refrigerators in the world to pans that can charge smartphones.

Now, scientists have developed an experimental ring that can take advantage of body temperature to generate energy and even repair itself when damaged.

The newly developed ring is based on the technology produced in 2018, and researchers from the University of Colorada (UC) institute have developed the ring that can convert body heat into electricity thanks to a thermoelectric generator, and the ring consists of liquid metal nano cables and the mentioned cables are connected to thermoelectric chips on the polyimine layer. provides. It is suggested that the new ring can generate 1 volt of energy from each square centimeter of surface and that this energy may be sufficient for wearable technologies such as smart wristbands and watches.

Scientists claim that the developed structure can form a pattern by arranging them side by side, just like Lego pieces, so that a series of wristband-sized devices can produce approximately 5 volts of energy.

Finally, let’s say that the new devices are made of completely recyclable material. The new research was published in the journal Science Advances.


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