Imagine that every time you throw into the basket, the ball goes in. That achieves this creation. Basketball for dummies.

All of us have ever shot the NBA star, either on a real field, in a toy basket, in an NBA JAM of arcades or one of the 2K installments, or making a ball of paper and trying his luck to put it in the trash. And it’s frustrating when it doesn’t come in, right? So thought Shane Wighton, inventor and owner of the YouTube channel ‘Stuff Made Here’, who has conceived the dream basketball basket: because you do not miss a shot and they all enter.

The Magic Ring with Xbox Kinect
Obviously there is a trick, because not even the greats like Jordan, Lebron, Bryant or Gasol have always been right. It is a complex mechanism that wraps a basket with a moving board that helps the shot: when you shoot, the board can tablero see ’where the ball is going, with what angle, trajectory and speed.

And in tenths of a second, move the board by placing it at the ideal angle so that it bounces right towards the hoop, and the ball enters. It is like having a fair partner hanging from the hoop to help you pat her at the best possible time

It’s that ‘simple’, although all the technology behind it is a sum of robotic components, motion detection, complex mathematical algorithms, and calculations of the perfect elliptical parabola. And all this using the technology of Microsoft’s Kinect, the Xbox console camera with motion detection. Kinect helps the board analyze the trajectory of the ball, and also identify if there are one or more shooters.

NBA 4 Dummies
The most impressive thing is that from the time the ball flies to the board and is ‘hunted’ by Kinect until the angle is adjusted and the shot enters the ring, the entire process of detection, capture, calculation and physical adjustment only takes 600 milliseconds to complete, exactly 0.6 seconds. The problem? That right now the Wighton basket has limitations, and only calculates the shots well from an exact distance and position.

But its creator wants to improve this, and is already going to build the third version of its robotic basket. And it does it all from home, with plasma cutters and 13-inch iPads. Can you imagine the possibilities of this invention? The same some clever toymaker patents the idea and creates a basket for children with different levels of difficulty to help train from a young age.


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