Thanks to the updating of search engine algorithms, a serious decrease in pirated site traffic has been achieved.

In 2020, it turned out that there was a significant decrease in pirated site traffic where pirated content could be downloaded or watched. According to the data published by TorrentFreak, it is shared that VPN solutions have grown due to the Covid-19 outbreak and are used for remote work rather than downloading illegal content.

It is stated that between December 2019 and November 2020, excluding traffic from search engines, visits to torrent, streaming, linking and download sites decreased by 10 percent. In addition, over the same period, search traffic to websites related to piracy fell by a third, with significant decreases in January and May last year.

Google Was Effective in Lowering Pirated Site Traffic
It seems that the changes in the Google search algorithm, which have a significant effect on the users’ finding pirated content, are effective in the decline. On January 13 and May 4, Google announced algorithm updates that perfectly matched the piracy drops demonstrated by the data.

Search engines are making a move to combat online piracy, not by blocking sites on their own, but by making them harder to discover. In this sense, we can say that the rights holders should first congratulate Google.


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