The vertical farm, which will be established on an area of ​​approximately 7 thousand square meters in Denmark, will grow a thousand tons of vegetables annually. The electricity need of the farm will be provided with the help of wind energy.

It is aimed to grow a thousand tons of vegetables annually in the vertical farm, which is planned to open in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. The electricity requirement of the farm, which will be established in cooperation with Taiwan-based YesHealth Group and the Danish venture Nordic Harvest, will be supplied by wind energy.
It is stated that the farm to be established in a closed environment will also be cultivated in the winter months, and it is stated that the annual vegetable need of all Denmark can be met with examples that cover only 20 football fields.

While the farms established by YesHealth Group, which developed the technology, in Tavyan and China, have become an important source of income for the company, it is stated that the vegetables grown on the farm in China are distributed to their employees by a company.

Hydroponic farming method
In the farm, where the hydroponic farming method preferred to grow plants in a soilless environment is used, the plants meet the nutrients they need from the nutrient solution where the minerals needed by the plant are specially prepared instead of soil. In the hydroponic farming method, there is no need to use pesticides.

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