The crypto gaming platform Enjin has developed an easy in-game purchasing tool that will use cryptocurrencies for in-game purchases. Thanks to the Enjin Platform, cryptocurrencies can be an important tool in the game industry.

Enjin, a blockchain game company, has developed a new tool for cryptocurrencies to be used in games. Thanks to the tool published by Enjin, developers will be able to include crypto assets in the games they develop.

Enjin Platform, supported by the Ethereum network, is designed to be easily added to the games. When developers want to add Enjin Platform to their games, they will not need to write a single line of code.

“Basically, the platform simplifies the task of creating and managing a new generation of Blockchain assets.” In other words, if you know how to use a smartphone, you can easily distribute your corresponding and non-equivalent coins using our panel ”.

The $ 140 billion gaming industry may be the right area for blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies can be used especially in in-game purchases. Virtual in-game currencies, such as V-Bucks, currently used in Fortnite, can be replaced by cryptocurrencies.

SuperData announced last year that the gaming industry generated $ 120.1 billion in revenue. The revenue of the gaming industry is expected to increase much more in 2022 to reach $ 196 billion.


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