An apprentice and a staff member have been revealed to have suffered injuries on Mnet’s upcoming show, I-LAND.

A source from the program commented:

“The stage on set was mobile and so dangerously designed that even professionally trained dancers could have fallen and been injured. Security concerns arose during internal meetings, but still went ahead. Three days before the recording , a staff member fell off the stage and bled, but no follow-up action is being taken. On the day of the filming, one of the students fractured his arm and was taken to the emergency room, so he was unable to appear on the show at all. ”

“Even after this, no security measures were taken and the scenario was only slightly changed. I think if the current workforce is not enough, the scale of the program should be reduced to match that, or more people should be hired ”

“It is true that accidents occurred on the set, but it is not true that we tried to hide them. We immediately took action and continued to register after applying strengthened security measures on the set. Originally we had planned for the program to have 24 trainees, but one suffered a fracture during the first recording and he was no longer able to participate in filming. We are discussing with the BELIF + training agency what support measures we can take. The staff member suffered a minor injury, and we took action accordingly. ”

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