Google has updated Android’s Share with Nearby feature. If your connection is slow or you do not want to spend your mobile internet package, you can now download an application from a device near you.

Google has updated “Share with Nearby” technology for users with slow internet speed and don’t want to spend their mobile internet package. You will now be able to download applications using the Android devices near you as a server.

So how does this new feature, already available, work? First you need to open Google Play (version 24.0 and newer) and bring up the “Share” tab in the “My apps and games” menu.

New feature is available
Activate your smartphone’s location access to find devices around you. You will see the application list when you press the send button. After marking the ones you want, you will be asked to select the recipient.

At the last stage, the pairing code appears on the screen. When the other party presses the Get button, the application transfer will start over Google Play. If your internet is slow, you can use this method to download apps or games from a nearby device at a higher speed than your current connection.

In addition, this feature will be useful for those who do not want to spend their mobile internet package without Wi-Fi access.


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