A YouTuber redesigned the PlayStation 5, which has been in the news many times with its size, and shrunk the console. It even changed its outer plate.

Sony’s next-generation console PlayStation 5 has been around for a while. The size of the console has been criticized many times from the announcement of the console, until the day it was released, and even after it came out. It should be noted that it is really big.

A YouTuber also seems to have intervened in this situation. The YouTube channel DIY Perks takes the PlayStation 5 completely apart and reassembles it with only the main components. Normally, the console gets a lot smaller. Even the exterior design has been changed and covered with a dark walnut-colored piece.

Foam is also used in ventilation to direct the air flow. As a result, the console is considerably smaller than the original PlayStation 5. The most curious issue is whether the console is still working at full power. DIY Perks says the console can still work at full capacity. You can watch the mentioned video below.

Sony will definitely release new versions for PlayStation 5 in this generation. Especially many players are waiting for the “Slim” version.

PlayStation 5 Redesigned


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