With the new design language Apple has switched with the iPhone X series, it has switched to a security system focused on facial recognition. The company, which continues in the same design language for several generations, may make some innovations in new iPhone models.



With the iPhone X model, Apple switched to a notched design structure and removed the fingerprint sensor from its phones. Later, with the iPhone SE 2020 model, it launched a fingerprint scanner model to be able to contact former users who preferred it and to enable them to switch to a more up-to-date device.

The notch in the iPhone models has come up to date with similar dimensions to the day it first started to take place. According to the Digitimes report supported by supply chain employees, it is stated that the size of the notch in the new models will be smaller.It is possible to see smaller notches in the new iPhone models, which are expected to offer a more compact design by fitting the infrared camera and point projector into a single module. The new iPhone series will include four models as in the 12 series.

In addition, another important development is expected in the new iPhone series. The LiDAR scanner, which is included in the latest series iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models, is expected to be included in all iPhone models in the new series.

It should be noted that the naming of the new iPhone series is expected to be 12S. Finally, all iPhone 12S models will also include sensor-shifted OIS support, which is exclusive to the 12 Pro Max model. Apple, which is expected not to make major updates on the camera side, seems to save on expanding its technologies to all models and making possible new features in its ecosystem reach more users.

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