With the collapse of Cloudflare systems, access to numerous websites around the world was completely cut off. Among these are some cryptocurrency exchanges.

The systems of Cloudflare, a CDN provider used by many websites to speed up data and media distribution on the internet, have once again collapsed!

With the great interruption of Cloudflare, it was not possible to access the websites that benefit from this service. These include the leading platforms of the cryptocurrency industry. CoinDesk, the world’s largest news organ in the field of crypto money, could not be reached. At the same time, access to the US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and the cryptocurrency platform Uphold could not be accessed. Another important platform that could not be reached was CoinMarketCap. Discord, Medium and many more major platforms have also been closed.

In the statement made by Uphold, “A big interruption in Cloudflare has caused various websites and services to collapse, including Uphold. We think there will be an explanation soon and thank you for your patience. ” expressions were used.

In the first statement made from Cloudflare, “We are aware that there are problems with some Cloudflare services in some regions. We are investigating the matter. ” The statement said.

After a half-hour break, re-access has become possible in some areas. The problem has not been fixed in all regions as of 00.50.

There is a lot of speculation about the downtime, but there is no clear information for now.

Cloudflare experienced a similar interruption last year. In the incident that took place in July, access to channels such as Coinbase, Poloniex, CoinMarketCap was stopped.


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