Famous accessory companies have already prepared their lists for AirTag, the tracking device that Apple has not introduced yet. Some Amazon stores have AirTag accessories listed.

AirTags, Apple’s wireless tracking device that allows you to keep track of your valuables, is still not on the market, but has appeared in many accessory shopping sites that the company will release with the product.

What is Apple AirTags?
Apple AirTags, which enables you to keep track of your valuables over short-range broadband wireless connection, has actually been on the agenda since the beginning of last year, but still has not seen the daylight. However, its rival Samsung has released its own tracking device in the past weeks. Oppo will also be promoting shortly.

However, Apple continues to work to make the ecosystem ready. Accessories of many brands such as Spigen, Nomad, Cyrill started to appear gradually. Products are listed in Amazon stores in different countries of Europe.

Accessories are mainly developed in the concept of key fobs. Some brands have also prepared string accessories for the eyeglass handles. It is not yet known when AirTags will be released and what will be the price of these products.


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