According to information leaked to CBC by an employee, Electoric Arts wants players to head to FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 21 and spend more time there.

FIFA is undoubtedly one of the most popular game series today. Apart from the offline modes of the game, as you know, there are also online modes. Although you can access these modes for free by purchasing the game, extra purchases can be made in the game. Especially the number of players who spend money in FIFA Ultimate Team is quite high.

Recently, some Electronic Arts documents were leaked to the CBC by an employee. According to leaked documents, EA wants players to spend more time and money in FIFA Ultimate Team. Of course, this is not surprising, after all, companies do these things to make money. However, it can be seen from the leaked documents that EA is very enthusiastic about this.

In the leaked documents, Electronic Arts stated that players will be playing FIFA 21 all summer long, FIFA Ultimate Team is the cornerstone for them, and they do everything in their power to guide players there.

The part where money is spent in FIFA Ultimate Team, that is what we call loot boxes, is seen as gambling in many countries today and in some countries it is actively investigated whether it is gambling or not. However, EA had said many times that he did not consider it to be gambling.

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